A new event venue in the center of Beersel10 minutes away from Brussels

Live the event of
your dreams

Our team of highly skilled professionals will take care of you and your guests and will accompany you throughout your event

A catering service that
makes the difference

The chef Ludovic Vanier will oversee every detail to please you and your coworkers’ tastesbuds

un service traiteur qui fait
la différence

En collaboration avec notre service traiteur« Gardens of Aromates » nous pouvons vous proposer différentes formules …

PrésentationLe grand Salon

With its exceptional location and a sumptuous decor, this new venue is the ‘place to be’ for all your events, whether professional or private.

This new venue is a jewellery box, where silver and black are the dominating colours, this extraordinary decor will not leave you wanting more.

CONTACT US :  +32 (0) 2 377 71 74  Contact form

The other venuesby Gardens of Aromates

le palais de plume

A magical place for all your events

The classic domain

A heaven of calm & tranquility for all your events


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